10 Places to visit in Tirthan Valley

Places to visit in Tirthan Valley- Great Himalayan National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site
Places to visit in Tirthan Valley-Great Himalayan National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site

Established in 1984, the Great Himalayan National Park is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Encircled with breathtaking flora and fauna, it is one of the most delightful places to visit in Tirthan Valley. Spread across an area of 754 sq km, the park is home to about 181 species of birds and 31 species of mammals.

Camping at the location amid lush green forests and meandering streams is very popular among trekkers. There are many villages present within the park premises. You can venture into them to witness the local traditions and culture of the tribes. #Great Himalayan National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site

Location: The park is located at the junction of the 4 valleys Tirthan, Parvati, Sainj, and Jiwa Nal in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Timing: The park is open 24 hours.

It is the main river that flows across the Tirthan valley. It is wonderful to watch the turbulent river waters splashing on the rocks and flowing in between the wild forests. The waters are home to varieties of fishes. Rainbow trouts and brown trouts are the key ones found in the streams. Fishing fanatics can easily enjoy angling and fishing within the river waters.

River Crossing is another adventure sport offered at this place. A zip line is fixed at the two ends of the river and then a person, tied to a secure harness, slides over the zip line. Sitting and relaxing at the river banks with the cool breeze brushing across your face is another unique way to experience the beauty of the river.

Location: The river gushes past the entire Tirthan valley.

Serolsar lake - Places to visit in Tirthan Valley
Places to visit in Tirthan Valley- Serolsar Lake

Serolsar Lake is one of the major attractive places to visit in Tirthan Valley. The crystal clear waters of the lake provide a mystical experience to the tourists. It is believed that the waters of the lake are gifted with medicinal properties.

The best way to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the lake is to walk across its banks amid the thick oak trees. One of the key attractions of the lake is the temple of Budhi Nagin, the holy Goddess of the forest. The best way to reach the lake is to pursue the trekking trail from Jalori Pass or Shoja.

Location: The lake is located at a distance of 5 km from Jalori Pass.

  • 04 Chhoie Waterfall
Places to visit in Tirthan Valley- chhoie waterfall
Places to visit in Tirthan Valley- chhoie waterfall

Chhoie Waterfall or Sai Ropa Waterfall is one of the most breathtaking and charming places to visit in Tirthan Valley, especially due to its boundless beauty and serenity. You need to traverse through a trekking trail starting from the village of Gai Dhar, to reach the waterfall.

The total traveling time is 35 to 40 mins, offering you the lavish beauty of the Himalayas and the astonishing views of the green valleys. As soon as you reach the endpoint of the trek, you will be overwhelmed to observe the misty waterfall ascending down through the dense forest plantations.

Location: The waterfall is located at the Great Himalayan National Park.

  • 05Raghupur Fort– Places to visit in Tirthan Valley
Jalori Pass - Places to visit in Tirthan Valley
Jalori Pass – Places to visit in Tirthan Valley

Situated at a height of 10,800 feet above sea level, Jalori Pass or Jalori Jot is one of the stunning places to visit in Tirthan Valley. The Pass is still unexplored and is a perfect destination for trekkers and adventure lovers. The place is adorned by huge coniferous trees, wild roses, ferns, and Iris flowers.

The adjacent forest is home to several migratory birds, the Blue Robin, Magpie, Nutcrackers, and many other species of birds. The entire trekking trail through Jalori Pass is beautified by snow-capped mountains, tiny hamlets, green meadows, and deep valleys.

Location: The Pass is located in between the towns of Shimla and Kullu, nestled in the northern Himalayan peaks.

Timings: The Pass remains closed between December and January due to heavy snowfall. It again reopens for the public in the middle of March.

  • 06 Jibhi– Places to visit in Tirthan Valley
Places to visit in Tirthan Valley- camping
Places to visit in Tirthan Valley- camping adventure

An offbeat tourist destination, this spectacular and peaceful hamlet offers you the beauty of nature through its dense Pine tree forests, ancient temples, and sparkling lakes. It is worth staying overnight in Jibhi to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the village.

The best is to stay at the cottages designed in the Victorian style amid the lush greenery of the village. There are ample things to do in Jibhi, filled with many camping sites, hiking trails, fishing, and bird-watching spots. At the end of the day, you can light a bonfire to spend a night gazing at the starry sky.

Location: The village is situated at a distance of 12 km away from Jalori Pass and about 8 km away from Banjar.

  • 07 Budhi Nagin Temple

The auspicious and pious temple is dedicated to Goddess Budhi Nagin. Every day, locals visit the temple to offer prayers and seek her blessings. It is clean and well-maintained by the authorities. Usually, the trek toward the Jalori Pass and the Chhou Waterfall starts right behind the temple.

The hikers and trekkers normally stay at camps in and around the temple. The beauty of the temple is its captivating location in the middle of a green and quiet meadow, encompassed by tall mountain trees. In winter the place turns into a magic land with sheets of snow spread around the temple grounds.

Location: The temple is located at the banks of Serolsar Lake, almost 1.5 km away from the Tirthan Valley.

  • 08 Raghupur Fort
Places to visit in Tirthan Valley - Raghupur Fort
Places to visit in Tirthan Valley- Raghupur Fort

Raghupur Fort is a historical tourist destination in Tirthan Valley, believed to have been constructed by the rulers of the Mandi dynasty to protect themselves from the attacks of the invaders. The fort is now completely in ruins with some broken walls still reminiscing the glorious history.

The best part is the view of the splendid panoramic landscape encircling the fort. You need to walk for almost 2 hours from Jalori Pass to reach the fort. The path towards the fort is embellished by the beautiful vibrant colored Rhododendron flowers and the dense oak trees. Once you reach the top of the fort, you will be enchanted by the peace and calmness dwelling in the environment.

Location: The Fort is situated at a distance of about 3 km from the Jalori Pass.

  • 09 SHRINGA RISHI JI TEMPLE –Places to visit in Tirthan Valley

The temple is dedicated to the ruling deity of the valley, Shringa Rishi or popularly known in Hindu mythology as Rishyashringa. If you are religious-minded, then it is one of the pious places to visit in Tirthan valley. The 3 story Pagoda-style temple offers astounding views of the surrounding pristine landscape.

The interiors of the temple are completely made of wooden carvings and architecture. The deities of Shringa Rishi and Goddess Shanta are placed on the top floor of the temple. The locals strongly believe that the deities protect the place from evils and take care of their wellbeing.

Location: The temple is located in the village of Baggi, at a distance of 60 km away from Kullu.

  • 10 Gaidhar Waterfall

Hidden within the lush green forests, Gaidhar Waterfall is one of the stunning places to visit in Tirthan valley. The trekking trail towards the Fall starts from the Gaidhar village. It is interesting to walk across the trail and then suddenly experience the emergence of the Falls within the heart of the forest.

Though the hike is a little steep and tough, the scintillating beauty of the place is unparalleled. You will be instantly refreshed even after the long tiring trek through the valley.

Location: It is located close to the Gaidar Village, the starting point for the trek towards Jalori Pass.

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