Everything You Need Before planning Great Himalayas be with Himalayanflyer

Everything You Need Before planning Great Himalayas be with Himalayanflyer reach us 82191-13663

The most extensive of all mountain ranges, the Himalayas stretches across the lands of Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal and eastern China. Home to the highest peaks on the planet, it represents the courageous and vivacious spirit of these countries’ nomadic tribes. If you’re planning a trip to the Indian Himalayas, these are the things you need to keep in mind.

Do not rely on Google Maps especially while trekking – Hire local guide 82191 13663
Don’t rely on your Google navigation and GPS tracking, sometimes even the best-planned itineraries fail you. If you’re going for an unexplored route, deeper into the dense ranges of the Himalayas then hire a local guide to make the best of it.
Get Your permits
There are certain restricted routes in the Himalayas that require a local authority permit to cross from one village to another. Make sure you get your permits for an uninterrupted adventure.
Carry cash over plastic money
There are still certain villages around these parts where ATM machines don’t work. The small food joints and accommodations only accept cash transactions. Make sure you have enough cash to sustain the entire trip.

What to Carry
Weight management is a tricky business when you’re out on a mountain expedition. Here’s what you should pack to survive unexpected Himalayan weather conditions.

Sleeping bag.
Insulated and water-resistant shoes.
Wind-proof jacket and an extra pair of woollen socks.
Ski pants.

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