Book now a Trip To Pangi Valley

Book now a Trip To Pangi Valley-
Thinking About visiting Tribal Paradise in Great himalayas:- Chamba Valley

Pangi Valley is nestled in the Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh. Is perked at an elevation of 11,000 Ft. If you think that all of Himachal Pradesh’s secrets have been discovered and experienced – think again ! Pangi is stunning, beautiful, and the biggest secret around. Even though Chamba is usually not on the top of the list when people are choosing their Himachal Pradesh destinations – we are here to change your mind. This beautiful valley is hidden away, thanks to the difficulty of reaching the place! The valley in itself is massive with a whopping 1600 sq KM region!
You can enjoy extreme tranquility in this serene location! But, also, there are many attractions and places to explore nearby. Killar in general is a popular touristy hamlet on the gorge of the Chenab river. There is a stunning shrine of Det Nag in Killar, which is worth a visit! The largest village in the valley is Dharwad and you can experience the exquisiteness of the local culture. Given the extreme isolation, the local inhabitants are extremely proud of their home and would want to make your experience all the more memorable as well!

Surrounded by white peaked mountain tops and rugged roads – this is a place that will have you on your tippy toes for all the right reasons. Pangi Valley is an adventure seekers biggest dream come true!

With recent development in roadways, especially with Sach Pass, the local folks have been able to till the land and cultivate cash crops such as peas and apples. The Valley is mostly inhabited by local tribes of Pangwala and Bhoti, as well as some settlements of Hindus and Buddhists. The valley has a thriving local theatre scene along with a penchant of literature!

Folklores state that Pangi valley is so remote that the Raja of Chamba used to pay ‘funeral expenses’ to the officials proceeding on their way for duties there. Thanks to the extreme isolation, there was no guarantee of their return. Also, it is believed that the Raja used to send criminals were sent off to Pangi as punishment.

However, when you get to experience the place – voluntarily no less – you’ll be shocked by the splendid show of nature’s beauty in this valley. The lush greenery coupled with snow on the mountaintops, and a pristine stream of water flowing through the valley.

Chamba Valley - Trekking in Winter
Book now a Trip To Pangi Valley-CHAMBA

Pangi is remarkable in its rugged grandeur and austere beauty. The scenery is sublime and imposing and nature appears in her wildest and grandest moods. Everything is on a stupendous scale. The great river rolls along in a deep and narrow gorge, lashing itself into fury, sandwiched between adamantine cliffs that confine it.

spring from the brink in places almost perpendicular to a height of 1,000 to 2,000 feet. On the lower ranges are grassy slopes of rich pasture with dense forests of pine and cedar, while higher up the stern and majestic mountains attaining an altitude from 18,000 to 21,000 feet rising far above the line of eternal snow. But all this is not rugged and sublimity and naked beauty. Every few miles the traveler reaches tolerably open nooks of surpassing beauty, which may have been small lakes in some gone by age, while the river was cutting its course.
Pangi Valley in the upper part of Chamba District is extreme isolation personified! Firmly tucked away between the Middle (Pir Panjal) and the Greater Himalayan (Zanskar) ranges, Pangi remained locked within itself. The Valley is separated from the rest of the world for about six – eight months due to heavy snow fall.
n the months that you will have access to Pangi – the weather will still be cold. You can expect some form of snowfall especially if you visit earlier in the season. Monsoon doesn’t reach this gem of a place.
Things to see/do in Pangi Valley:-
Enjoy the tranquility when you reach Pangi! The trip is tough and will definitely rattle you at times. However, once you do reach the peace – you will definitely will the joy of having earned it!
Killar is famous for its charming dances and rich natural beauty. It is also a suitable base for trekkers venturing to Kishtwar, through Umasi la into the Zanskar Valley, and to Keylong and Manali.
Thi little village of Dharwas is famous for the natural spring of mineral water, Tilmili. Dharwas is an ideal base for trekking.
A picturesque village, Purthi is located 24 km from Killar in Chamba District of Himachal. Purthi is famous for its forest nurseries. A historical Forest Rest House is set in the beautiful surroundings of the village.
Cherry Bungalow is built on the right bank of the Chadrabhaga. There are a bunch of treks that begin from here, including into the Saichu Twan wildlife sanctuary, there is also a beautifully located small temple at Sidh Mandir.
Located southeast of Killar, Parmar Valley is a cluster of three villages – Parmar Bhatori, Parmar and Kumar. Parmar Bhatori houses a Buddhist Gompa and above the village there is a vast expanse of green pastures. This makes for a MUST CAMP place!

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