The Queen of Hills Mussoorie 


Dehradun is situated under the feet of Himalayas. Mussoorie is the heart of Dehradun. From the diamond cut roads to the captivating beauty of mountain ranges to the green lush delights, Mussoorie at an average altitude of 1,880 m is also known as Queen of Hills.


Mussoorie is the most visited hill station in Uttrakhand. The romantic weather of Mussoorie attracts tourists not only from India but all around the world. The mystic air and serene coolness of the place make it the loveliest hill station of Uttrakhand. It is also famous for destination weddings. Many celebrities have done their weddings and pre-wedding photo shoots in Mussoorie.


A long time ago even before British, there were only shepherds in the area whose animals would graze on the ‘mansoor’ shrub; a type of lentil indigenous to the area which gives the town its name. The town is in fact often referred to as ‘Mansoori‘ by locals.

Mussoorie was founded by Lt. Frederick Young of East India Company. He came to the hills for the purpose of shooting games. The first house made on the ridge of Mussoorie was a small hut built on the Camel’s back as a shooting box.


There are several ways to reach Mussoorie. It is only 30 km from Dehradun. Being the capital of Uttrakhand, Dehradun is well connected by trains, airways, and roads. I went to Mussoorie with my friends and family. There is no direct bus or train to reach Mussoorie. I have visited Mussoorie twice.

Once we visited Mussoorie by hiring one private cab and another time I booked an AC sleeper bus from Kashmere Gate, Delhi for Rs 1200/person.It took 7 hours to reach Dehradun bus stand. We walked nearby to Dehradun Railway Station and took a local bus from there for Rs 20/person to reach Mussoorie bus stand i.e. Library Chawk. Check out my full travelogue and story from Delhi to Mussoorie for all your detail


Mussoorie is a small hill station so it takes only 2 days to cover the major sights of the place. I suggest 2 days are enough to roam around Mussoorie. You could spend more time to do some adventurous activities which can take your whole day.


I will guide you with the five best places to visit in two days. There are many more good places but I consider the best if you are visiting only for 2 days. These places would definitely take your heart away with their stupendous views.


It is a perfect picnic spot for enjoying a gala time. It has milky streams of water falling from 41 ft. There are a lot of stairs which lead to the actual spot where the water collects. The water is extremely cold and can give you chills. Besides it, a number of shops are available to provide you swimming clothes, floaters and can safely keep your valuables at lockers for a nominal charge.

Nearby to it, there is a ropeway to explore the panorama view of Dehradun-Mussoorie trail and enjoy the elevated lush green mountains, valleys and terrains. It costs Rs 80/person for such a beautiful ride.

2.     CLOUD’S END

As the name suggest, Cloud’s End is the geographical end of Mussoorie hill station. It is at a distance of 6 km from Mussoorie Mall Road and you can reach there by a local taxi available. It is a peaceful small trek with the breathtaking views of Aglar River Valley. During monsoon, it is often covered with clouds and fog. You can actually feel the picturesque Cloud’s End. You can also witness various photo shoots of pre-wedding here like I did when I went.

3.     MALL ROAD

The heart of Mussoorie has Mall road in it. Mall Road has a plethora of shops selling different items. From hats to socks, a scarf to bracelets and a video game parlor to delicious food, everything is available in Mall Road. There are antique lampposts and benches for having good photographs.

You may witness novel writer, Ruskin Bond in some bookstore as Mussoorie is his favorite hill station too. Some mouth-watering street food and tea are also the charm of Mall Road. Balloon shooting with a gun, the best time pass game for me, is available very cheap in Mall Road. There is also a multiplex where we watched a movie at night.


Company Garden is a well-liked tourist attraction in Mussoorie city. It is about 3 km from Mall Road. The lush greenery of company garden with more than 850 types of flowering plants, a fountain in the lawn and a greenhouse nursery attracts tourists to this place.

Also, there is an artificial mini-lake with paddle boats for people. It has its own food court serving mouth-watering food and snacks. People come here to stroll and sit in the garden and have a telescopic view of Himalayan Mountain at a cost of Rs 10 only.


The benong Wildlife Sanctuary is about 11 km from Library Point and is a part of Rajaji National Park. This place seeks great attention of tourists for its rare species of birds, almost-extinct mountain quails, The White Capped Water Redstart, Red-Billed Blue Magpie, Leopard, Panther or Himalayan goats.

It is ideal for a refreshing walk for nature lovers as it hosts old-cedar trees, pine trees, and other medicinal plants.


People of Mussoorie are very grounded. They live a simple life. Tourism is the main occupation for them. If you talk to the drivers or people at the restaurant about themselves, you would find them friendly and interesting.

Food is made in a simple style in all the restaurants here like less spicy. Either you go to Mall Road or other places in Mussoorie you would find less expensive and delicious food unless you are going to JW Marriot


Public Bus is available from Dehradun to Mussoorie and back with a frequency of around 1 hour. You can always have an option to book a shared or private taxi from the Taxi Stand at some fixed rate written there. You can also hire a private cab for the whole day for site-seeing for Rs 1000-2000. Cycle Rickshaws are also one option for roaming around the Mall Road.


To be very honest, I would say there are a number of many more places to visit in Mussoorie but the above said are the best ones. You would enjoy your trip to Mussoorie if you better go in your vehicle. Or you can take a bike or scooty on rent from there.

Otherwise, you have to hire a taxi which sometimes charges a lot. Book your hotels before you go to Mussoorie. Moreover, always check the weather before going. You can go through the government website for more information Uttrakhand Tourism .


The best time to visit Mussoorie for pleasant weather is from April to June. If you want to enjoy winter or snow fall, December to February is the best time. July and August are the monsoon months and it is not recommended to visit Mussoorie. Always check the weather of the place before planning the trip.

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