Places To Visit In Tirthan Valley

Places to visit in Tirthan Valley.
Planning Winter trip To Tirthan Valley , Confused about location ? We are here to help you in deciding your plan for tirthan Valley.
One can visit below places around Tirthan Valley
Places to Visit in TirthanValley .One can easily visit by road to Tirthan Valley Location Gushaini . Jibhi is about 15 km from Gushaini. Jibhi is famous for its wild Green Alpine Valley which is surrounded by Jalori pass one side .Other side by Lambri Peak.
Jalori Pass is mid way of two Tehsil Banjar and Anni .
Jalori pass one can trek to serolsar lake .can also vsit Raghupur Fort and can spend a night under stars camping .
jibhi is best place to visit in Tirthan Valley.
Sharchi Valley is other hidden gem in Tirthan Valley which is about 12-15 km from Gushaini via Bandal Village .This village is nested very close to sky , this will give you feel like this. apple orchards , Green meadows.
Gushaini is major destination and centre point in Tirthan Valley.
River Palachan & Tirthan Meets there.
Tirthan River is famous for its Golden Fish .
Called Trout . One can do river activity in Tirthan , Swimming , Fishing and spend a day at leisure in clean environment >
One Can visit this waterfall a drive of 4 km from Gushaini to Villlage Gahidhar , From there fall is a trekk of 30-40 minutes.

Places To Visit in Tirthan Valley
Himalayas in Snow -Tirthan Valley– Places to Visit in Tirthan

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